Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Raising kids

A parent is always (or least should be) worrying that they are doing their best to shelter their child from the evils of the world. The question is where is the line drawn? What some people would consider inappropriate for a child, some would say is ok.

One area we are careful with is language. To the point that while the children are still young, “stupid” is a no-no. I realize that it’s not that bad a word but why have these little impressionable kids having it in their vocabulary? No reason for it. It’'s almost funny when my wife or me inadvertently utter one of the ‘bad’ words in a regular sentence. My kids are Word Cops and if someone happens to say something they’'re told is a ‘bad word’, be prepared to be called to account by them. I’'m just not sure at what age it will become an ok word. I mean ‘stupid’ is really not a bad word and they'’re just going to hear it more and more. At some point I'’ll have to tell them that while the word is not actually soooo bad, using it in context like: “"You'’re stupid"” should still be avoided.

Anywhoooooo, yesterday my son comes home and tells my wife that a boy in his class said a really, really bad word. My wife naturally assumed the worst and quietly took my son aside to speak to him and find out what the word was. His first response was “maybe I shouldn’t say it. Isn'’t it lashon hara? (this is my 7-year old. I know I wasn’t like that!) My wife explained that when you tell your mother, it’s a whole different stor; she needs to know for a good reason. So my little boy, with a real serious and pained expression on his face, whispered into her ear,

He said ‘'shut up'’"”

My wife, already having assumed the worst, breathed a noticeable sigh of relief.

My son, still whispering into her ear: "“No, you don't understand. He said '‘shut up, BUTTHEAD'"’”

These are not time for parents to crack up laughing but I don’t think he noticed.

I guess we’re doing ok.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Air Time said...

We too have a list of words the kids are not supposed to say. Stupid and shut up are level one words. We don't like to hear them, but when we do hear them we overlook it.

Then there are words like hell and damn. As in Parfait is the best food on the whole damn planet. If Donkey can say it, then why can't my boys. So that is level two ty0pe words, and the kids get in trouble for saying that.

And then, of course, are the "really bad words" that we never want them to say. Sh*t and F*ck and the like.

So it would be just my luck when my oldest used the "F" word, and my wife asked him where he ever heard that language before, that he said he hears Daddy use it "5 times a day."

Can you imagine. The kid used the "F" word and lied to his mother on the same day.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Just Passing Through said...

Well, my wife is definately the stronger shelterer between the 2 of us. We don't worry about 'damn' or 'hell' cuz she won't let then see Shrek. In fact, they barely see any video's and no TV. (I agree with the no TV). The only place they're getting those words would be the kids at school who DO see those movies. I may be wrong, but I think that's too much. I think that the more we shelter them, the bigger dweebs they'll be. I know, I was pretty sheltered. My poor little one, when we (the wife) let them watch Finding Nemo, they were scared out of their minds!
Then again, with my opinion, you have to figure out where the line is drawn.
So we differ in that respect, but I don't fight it.


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