Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm a Brown-Noser

Holiday cheer is here whether you like it or not. Conform or be cast out.

So I went to the company store to buy a little something for my boss and for the Guy That Kinda Reports To Me. My boss cuz she's actually a good boss and I figured I'd show it, and the Guy Who Kinda Reports To Me, cuz maybe then I can have him do more stuff.

I got the boss a nice silver-looking memo pad holder and the Guy That Kinda Reports To Me an umbrella. Maybe now he won't keep that cheesy red umbrella by his desk anymore. I gave it to them yesterday, a few days early, lest it be said I celebrate Christmas.

Their reactions?
Boss: Aww. That was really nice. Thank you for thinking of me. (Yes. I know. There's some brown stuff on my nose I need to clean)
Guy Who Kinda Reports To Me: wow, thanks. Now I feel bad that I didn't get you anything.

OK. You're fired.


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