Friday, April 22, 2005

Shabbos Cabby

My sister spent 8 hours in the emergency room last Friday night trying to figure out why her stomach was killing her. Eight hours of pain, waiting, tests and entertainment by the myriad of emergency cases near her (gunshots, overdoses, etc.) In the end, while they did rule out anything that would require emergency medical treatment, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and sent her on her way.

Thet he problem became how to get home. By then it was early Shabbos morning and walking home was out of the question. So now my sister and brother-in-law needed to get home with the least mechalel shabbos as possible. He had a nurse call a cab and when it arrived, he told the guy he couldn’t open the door and asked him to open the door for them. He gave them a little strange look, but did it. Thinking that this was going to work out alright, they arrive at their house. My brother-in-law had prepared some money in his pocket for this event and when the cabby told them the fee, he asked if the cabby wouldn’t mind reaching into his pocket to take out the money. Personally, ifI was the cabby at this point, I’d be a little freaked out. No problem though. He reaches in and pulled out the twenty from the deep recesses of my brother-in-laws front pocket (and with minimal groping, I assume). Since the tab came out to considerably less, he offered change. Of course, being Jewish, my BIL was not going to turn it down-Shabbos or not, so he asked him to place the change in his pocket. I may stretching the truth here, but Iwould guess that he had the cabby keep a tip for himself. Maybe a little extra for feeling him up in the pocket.

Once all was said and done, the cabby turns to the both of them and says:

“Don’t worry about all of this. You may think that Ithink you’re both nuts, but I know all about this stuff. I’m Jewish.”

You can't make this up.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Air Time said...

Thats a great story. Nothing like a shabbos goy who turns out to be Jewish.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

OH. MY. G-D. i'd shoot myself. i remember when my wife was in contractions with our first on a friday. I called the cab company before shabbos to order the No-Jewish-Driver special. The guy knew exactly what I needed and the diver showed up, took our bag to the car, opened the door closed the door, the whole shmear.

We get to the hospital and...drumrolll. 1 centimeter dilated. We stuck around for another five hours only to be told at around three AM to GO HOME (emphasis barely added).

My cousins, who are/were not observant were there with us in the hospital (don't ask, much longer story) and took my wife home. I walked four miles.

Hope your sister is feeling better. Maybe it was pre-pesach nerves.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

I repeated your story at the table over the second days. I kept your name QT, but the story got a great response from all assembled.

At 7:05 PM, Blogger BrooklynWolf said...

We had a similar story, but our driver wasn't so knowledgeable.

Our oldest was born on Yom Tov (but not Shabbos). As we knew ahead of time that we might need a cab (we were already a couple of days overdue by the time Yom Tov came around), I arranged with a local car service to send someone over if we called. The odd part was when I told the driver that the money was in the house and on the refrigerator. He wasn't too eager to go in the house and get it (not that I blame him - I probably wouldn't have been too eager either), but in the end he went.

It was funnier when he started going through red lights as we approached the hospital. "Calm down," I told him, "we're not in *that* much of a rush."

The Wolf

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Just Passing Through said...

Hey Wolf, thanks for stopping by. How'd you find me? I just recently dicovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it.

My olderst WAS born on Shabbos. While I probably should have prepared better , I remember me and my father-in-law (I was at him for Shabbos) frantically working the phones, me on my cell, trying to find a non-jewish cabby. Being in Brooklyn made this task all the more difficult! Eventually we found one (I guess we had to take the word of someone who wanted a fare-not too reliable I'd think) and I remember actually 'accidentally' turning off my cellphone. Oops. I DID need it charged after all for when Shabbos was over, right?

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