Tuesday, April 05, 2005

At least he had food

Updated: 10:28 a.m. ET April 5, 2005

NEW YORK - A Chinese food delivery man was found trapped in a broken elevator on Tuesday, more than three days after he was reported missing, police said.

Ming Kung Chen, 35, who worked for the Happy Dragon restaurant in the Bronx, was reported missing late Friday when he did not return an hour after setting out on a delivery.

Police said he was found at about 6 a.m. ET on Tuesday and was hospitalized with dehydration. Police were unable to question him immediately because he did not speak English.

Newspapers had reported the Chinese community feared that Chen, who is from Fuzhou province in China, might have been a victim of robbery or foul play by immigrant smugglers.

So the fire department gets a call from the building management today that someone who sounded drunk was communicating to them via the elevator intercom. That's how they found him.

What I'm trying to figure out is how it took the guy 4 days to find the intercom button?!?


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