Monday, April 17, 2006

No Justice No Peace!

From Ha'aretz

Ultra-Orthodox protesters on Sunday called off a mass rally over the continued incarceration of a man accused of murdering his infant son, Israel Radio reported.

The rally had been cancelled after rabbinical sages vetoed the protest, citing the heavy damage caused to major streets in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in the city.

On Friday, dozens of ultra-Orthodox men continued to hold violent demonstrations in Jerusalem's Meah She'arim neighborhood to protest the detention of Israel Vales, 19, who faces manslaughter charges in connection with the death of his three-month-old son.

Municipal officials say that 30 large waste receptacles were destroyed, causing an estimated NIS 140,000 in damages.

Vales was arrested ten days ago after his son, Rafael, was hospitalized in Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, in critical condition and signs of physical abuse.

The father initially claimed his baby had fallen from his arms while he was trying to put him to bed. Examination revealed that the infant had sustained serious brain damage and had extensive bruising that pointed to longterm abuse. Vales eventually confessed to having abused his son since birth. The infant died in hospital last week.

Vales is expected to be indicted for manslaughter shortly. Vales' wife told the police and a radio interviewer that her husband had never hurt their son and that no signs of abuse were apparent.

Friday's demonstrations took place near Kikar Hashabbat and Yehezkel Street. Demonstrators threw rocks at passing cars and turned over or set on fire about 30 Dumpsters.

Rocks were thrown at firefighters and a municipal waste disposal crew sent to the site, and one city worker was slightly injured.

I have a couple of questions after reading this.

What's the protest about in the first place?? Do they all know the individual and are protesting his innocence or is it that they really have no clue as to who this Vales is, but the fact is that he's chareidi and therefore must be innocent? After all, we all know that a frum man will never hurt his child. What happened to due process? I'm sure the system is flawed and may be biased against them at times, but that's the judicial system. Isn't one of the 7 mitzvah for b'nei noach to create a justice system? Maybe it's only for B'nei Noach and not for B'nei Yisrael.

I'm sick and tired of people rioting and making a ruckus just because things are not going your way. And yes, it IS mostly one segment of the frum society that does these shameful acts, so I don't feel that I'm disparaging one community here.

Municipal officials say that 30 large waste receptacles were destroyed, causing an estimated NIS 140,000 in damages.

Lastly, I can't understand why the city doesn't just say 'enough' and let them destroy their own community if they want to. Just about every riot, hafganna, protest, whatever you want to call it, takes place in one community. As far as I'm concerned, let them burn every bus stop and every garbage bin in their neighborhood but why deliver new ones the next day?!? Let them worry about the masses of garbage accumalating on their own streets. Let's see if they attack the garbage trucks coming to pick up their garbage then!

Come to think of it, I wouldn't put that past them either.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Greg said...

I live in Ramat Hasharon so there's little violence here-if any. But nearby in say, Morasha, sometimes there's a (nut)case or two that show up. I see it the same way you do...If they want to riot, let them and leave them living like pigs.

Concerning the chareidi community in general, I'm sick of these hypocrites just as much as you are!

Nice blog, Greg.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Miriam Erez said...

What astounds me is that in not one account of this affair that I read, did a reporter actually ask the dumpster-burning community's spokespeople 1) ON WHAT GROUNDS they were protesting, other than the fact that they were embarassed by or simply didn't like the fact that a confessed murderer had been arrested; and 2) How they justify destroying property and endangering the public as a means of protest.

It's as if we all "understand that they're a bunch of *meshuginehs*"; therefore the normal rules don't even apply in their case. I'm not sure who I'm more outraged at: the dumpster-burners, or the press who reports it, yet doesn't question it.


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