Thursday, February 09, 2006

King Solomon Logic?

Hmmmm, I've been waiting and watching for a couple of days and I'm surprised that Orthomom, Krum and even Yeshiva World seem to have missed this doozy. I'm not sure what the background information is here, and obviously there's more to the story than reported in the paper.

It's the "War of the Roses," Brooklyn-style.

A judge has ordered a soon-to-be divorced couple to live unhappily ever
after in the Borough Park home they shared for 18 years - by having a wall
built smack dab in the middle of their dining room.

Millionaire sweater manufacturer Simon Taub was granted permission during
divorce proceedings in August to divide the home with sheetrock walls, so
he wouldn't have to relinquish it to wife, Chana Taub.

Simon, 57, would have his own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in a
900-square-foot area on two floors of the 49th St. home.

"I don't wish this on anybody," said Chana Taub, 56, whose husband owns
homes across the borough, including the house next door. "I hope God will
help, and somebody will straighten out this whole thing."

Chana Taub has appealed Judge Sarah Krauss' ruling. But if the decision is
upheld, the former lovebirds could be walking into the same home, divided
in two - just like in the 1989 film starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen

The wall drama began in August when Krauss granted the wife an order of
protection against Simon Taub, who owns TechKnits Inc. of Williamsburg.

But citing the husband's heart condition, Krauss approved his bid to build
the wall, saying, "I am not going to be excluding him entirely from his

"The best way to deal with this is to split the home," Krauss said,
according to court documents - even though the husband owns the house next

Krauss, who recused herself in December following objections from Chana
Taub's attorney, Susan Settenbrino, also offered a court-mandated outline
for postmatrimonial bliss.

"Neither party shall interfere with any of the electrical, plumbing,
phones or other systems located in their respective portions of the
marital residence," Krauss wrote.

"No litigant should have to endure this kind of abuse," Settenbrino said
of Krauss' decision. "There should be recourse for such orders without
having to spend $200,000 [on the appeal]."

Simon Taub's attorney, Frank Snitow, said the wall would separate portions
of two floors, but only give about 25% of the home to his client.

Snitow cited the home's proximity to Simon's doctor's office, a nearby
synagogue and his four kids, two of whom still live in the house with his
wife. "I don't think it's an extraordinary measure under these
circumstances," he said. "This is one of the largest homes in Borough
Park. You could even call it a mansion."
I also seem to recall a Gilligan's Island episode with a similar theme.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Y.W. Editor said...

Yeshivaworld just missed it!

Take care!

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Just Passing Through said...

It's about time you found this.

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