Monday, February 06, 2006

Biting the hand that feeds you.

Nordics find generosity no shield from Muslim wrath.

...For years, Scandinavian countries have been among the most generous with aid to the Muslim world, but that generosity has stood for little in the scandal over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

In the past week, Scandinavian embassies have been set ablaze in Lebanon and bans have been put on Danish exports, creating a row that threatens to unravel the substantial goodwill Scandinavia had in the Middle East.

..."The general perception in the Arab world of the Nordic countries as tolerant and generous has suffered a huge blow," said Ole Woehlers Olsen, a senior advisor at the Danish Institute for International Studies...

..."That is why is has hurt so much to see the pictures of flags being burned and all the threats against the people who are there to help the Palestinian people," said Fathie El-Abed of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association...

I have a better perspective. They're all bunch of ingrates and the sooner the western world realizes that, the better off we all are. Let the Arab and muslim countries step in and take care of their 'bretheren'. Just don't hold your breath.


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